Apron 2B 4881 Fountain St N
Breslau Ontario N0B 1M0


519 497-8091

Products & Services

Located at the Region of Waterloo International Airport, the following services are also available:
Summit Fuel Services offers the following products:

  • 100 LL

Passenger Services:

  • Internet access with free Wi-Fi available on site
  • Full service restaurant on site

Crew Services:

  • Computerized flight planning facilities available on site
  • Complete weather forecasting available
  • Internet access
  • Full service restaurant on site

Ground Transportation Arrangements:

  • Car rentals available at the airport with booking prior to arrival through AVIS or call 519 648-9791


Ramp Fees

Small Size Aircraft (single engine)  –    $15 to $30

Medium Size Aircraft (twin engine) –    $40 to $45

Large Size Aircraft (corporate jet) –     $50 to $145


  • Using the ramp for a drop/pick-up or to use the restaurant is no charge
  • If over 200 liters of Avgas is bought, ramp fees for the first day is waived.


Call Out Charges

9pm to 7am  – $90 for the first hour, then $25 for every hour after

Callout fees apply during Holiday hours also


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